Born Malinda Gayle McCready on November 30, 1975, Fort Myers, FL; daughter of Tim and Gayle McCready. Addresses: Record Company--RCA Records/Nashville, One Music Circle North, Nashville, TN 37203-4310. Fan Club--Mindy McCready Fan Club, P.O. Box 23411, Nashville, TN 37202; email McCready at Management--Moress Nanas Entertainment, 1209 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212. Websites--Official McCready web site:

Mindy McCready's striking appearance and musical delivery caught the attention of many young country music fans, particularly young women who saw her as someone to emulate. Part of a new breed of country music performers, she was unafraid to address issues through her music that had previously been avoided. Her fresh, direct, open style and relative youth allowed her to empathize with young people beginning romantic relationships. McCready released albums in 1996, 1997, and 1999 and seemed poised to become one of country music's next superstars. But by 2005, McCready

by Debra Reilly

Mindy McCready's Career

Signed with BNA, part of BMG Entertainment/RCA Nashville, 1994; debut album, Ten Thousand Angels, BNA, 1996; If I Don't Stay The Night, BNA, 1997; I

Mindy McCready's Awards

Country Music Radio Awards, Best New Artist, 1997.

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