Born Timothy Janis in 1968, in New York, NY: Education: Attended high school at Admiral Farragut Military Academy and college at the University of New Hampshire where he received his Bachelor's degree in music composition. He also studied sound engineering at Peabody Conservatory of Music. Addresses: record company - Tim Janis Ensemble, Inc., P.O. Box 250 York, Maine 03909. Website - Tim Janis Official Website:

With over one million albums sold, five National Public TV Specials, and 10 Billboard Charting CDs, composer Tim Janis has worked with some of the top artists in the music and entertainment business -- from Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and Ray Charles, to George Clooney and James Earl Jones. Janis creates what many in the media have called Music With a Mission, music projects which aim to advance important causes through music. It started in 1999, when Janis teamed up with the People's Princess Foundation to create a children's charity fundraising album to accompany the internationally touring exhibit of Princess Diana's Dresses. Then Janis teamed up with McCartney and Joel to create Music of Hope, a fundraising CD for the American Cancer Society.

Soon he took his mission overseas, recording the first CD with Sinikithemba, the all-female, all-HIV+ choir from South Africa, who went on to tour the US four times to spread an uplifting message of unity in the Africa AIDS crisis. The US State Department got involved and began inviting Janis to lead music fundraising concerts in Eastern Europe as an example of the American culture of goodwill and philanthropy. Then Janis teamed up with George Clooney to create the Beautiful America Public Television fundraising special, which rose over $2,000,000 in donations during its broadcasts.

In 2005, Janis embarked on one of his most ambitious Music With a Mission projects yet -- with the blessing of the Chinese government, Janis performed a series of concerts in mainland China, including a Chinese televised stadium performance, to promote the beauty of America -- concerts that featured his uplifting instrumental compositions combined with images of America's natural monuments and parks projected on giant screens. In doing so, Janis hoped to expose the Chinese people to a beautiful side of America they might never have seen before, and potentially pave the way for further cooperation between the two countries. This project followed a trip to Kenya, where Janis recorded over 500 students as part of a fundraising project for African public education.

Later that same year Tim Janis teamed up with international humanitarian aid non-profit Church World Service to support a new education project in Kenya, entitled the School Safe Zones project, which aims is to build up primary school education in Africa.

A key aspect of the School Safe Zones project that inspired Janis was the program's specific and yet ambitious goals. While in its initial stages, all efforts are focused on ten model schools in and around Nairobi, Kenya, with each school determining its greatest basic needs. These needs range to a water system, school supplies and also teacher training. Combined with fundraising from within Kenya and the United States, the ultimate target is to prove that bettering primary school education in Africa is entirely possible and is a necessary step in producing a more promising future.

Janis built his music career from the ground up, following an intense grass routes path. From over 500 performances at the beginning of his career, he grew a fan mailing list of more than 70,000 people. His listeners sent him literally thousands of letters and emails describing how uplifting his instrumental music has helped them cope with difficult circumstances. It was this moving response from his audience and the inspiring stories of his listeners that in turn inspired Janis to devote his career to directly helping people through music.

He has received tremendous support from the retail community in spreading his benefit albums. From Barnes & Noble and Borders to Wal-Mart and QVC, Janis's Music with a Mission projects have reached a wide audience -- for example, the American Cancer Society Music of Hope album reached #1 on the Billboard Classical Chart in 2001.

With millions of dollars raised and many lives changed, Janis truly believes that music can help heal some of the challenges of the world.

by Andrea Prescott

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over 14 years ago

Your music has always been inspiring. I think your DVD "Beautiful America" was great. To be able to visualize nature with your music is the best. I think your video "La Vida desde el Cielo" has wonderful photography and should be incorporated in a new DVD instead of on other media. Your accompanyment has always been the best. Keep them and Please send me a notice of when I can get your newest DVD so that I can show all my friends:) Mike

about 15 years ago

Mr. Janis, My Wife introduced me to your Music by watching QVC shopping channel and I was so happy to hear such different sounds and Beautiful Music. We have everyone of your CD's and when I hear your Music it takes my mind off of the chronic pain in my knees and my body. I really feel so relaxed and at peace when listening to your Awesome Music. I wish the whole World could be be listening to it because there would be no more Wars. Everyone would feel so great and be ralaxed and at Peace. "God Bless You Mr. Janis" and please keep making your one of a kind BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!! Sinecerly Peter M. Galuppo

about 15 years ago

This is an incorrect Bio and I need to have someone contact me so I know where to send the updated version. I am trying to get this updated. I posted this about two weeks ago and it was deleted. I need someone to contact me ASAP. My Contact Information: Andrea Prescott Public Affairs Director

about 15 years ago

Though this is a very nice write up there are a lot of things that needed up dating a changeing. How can I get in touch with you. Peter Janis

over 15 years ago

Last week I had to have a PET scan for cancer at the Harold Leever cancer center in Waterbury, I had to stay quiet in a small room beforehand for 45 minutes, much to my surprise the technician put on the December Morning CD...I was amazed..fortunately the scan was normal..I first met you many years ago at the Gloucester waterfront craft fair..and fell in love with your music..just a not to tell you how it reached me at a time when I needed it.. Nancy in Thomaston Connecticut

over 15 years ago

I'm watching NJ public television now and I never heard high school choirs that sound like this. I was so impressed I googled you and ead your biography. You are a true music person. The real thing. NON Commercial

over 15 years ago

My husband and I met you in Lincoln New Hampshire at a small craft show. We fell in love with your music. It helped me get through the deaths of both my parents. Your music is so inspiring that it just encourges you to live life to the fullest. We were so happy to meet you again last year in New Hampshire. Have every one of your cds and play them so much we are wearing them out. God Bless You!

over 15 years ago

Happened upon a replay of the Janis Ensemble's "Coastal America" concert on our little Idaho PBS station. My husband, who can no longer play his violin due to arthritis, wept the whole hour with release and delight. Thanks to Tim Janis and PBS!

about 16 years ago

Tim, Ten years ago I happened to stumble upon you at the Maine Mall in Portland. I was mesmorized by your music. I stood on the outskirts of your performance and was moved to tears by your music. In the past 10 years "Flowers in October" has accompanied me through 4 as serious as cancer, of which I am an 8 year survivor. I have recently retired from teaching elementary school for 25 years. My fifth graders begged for me to play your CD's as they did their creative writing. Anything written while listening to your CD's had a special quality. To this day, as I listen to "Flowers in October", I weep at specific spots. I am certain that through my surgeries your music not only guided by body, but helped to guide my physicians to a healthy outcome. I know you are a champion of children and music. My greatest dream is to have you perform for the Bowdoinham Community School...grades K-5.....and have these precious students experience what has led me to health and joy through your music. We are a small school in a rural town. Our students love music and will gain immense inspiration from you! Thank you for supporting my health and well-being for the past ten years!!! Luana Smith

about 16 years ago

luv your music tim!! you are what I need in this life thank yoy so very much!!sincerely,Richard.