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Members include Terry Balsamo, guitar; Will Boyd, bass; Rocky Gray, drums; David Hodges (group member, 1995-2003), keyboards; John LeCompt, lead guitar; Amy Lee (born December 1981; raised Little Rock, AK), lead vocals, piano, songwriter; Ben Moody (born c. 1980; raised in Little Rock, AK; group member, 1995-2003), lead guitar, songwriter. Addresses: Record company--Wind-up Records, 72 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016, phone: (212) 895-3100, fax: (212) 251-0779, website: http://www.winduprecords.com. Management---The Agency Group (TAG), 9348 Civic Center Dr., 2nd Fl., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, phone: (310) 385-2800, fax: (310) 385-1220, website: http://www.theagencygroup.com. Website---Evanescence Official Website: http://www.evanescence.com.

Catapulted into the mainstream by their blockbuster major label debut Fallen, Evanescence was dubbed Best New Artist of 2003 at the Grammy Awards. A rare metal-Goth combo, these musicians are fronted by a powerful soprano, Amy Lee, who spews dire lyrics that belie the airy sensation inferred in the band's name. Evading catastrophe in the unanticipated loss of keyboardist David Hodges while on international tour in October 2003, the band regrouped and reduced the disaster to a mere speed bump on the road to superstardom. With continued success, global sales of the band's multiplatinum debut album, Fallen, were reported at 11 million units in May 2004.

Evanescence began in 1995 in Little Rock, Arkansas, as the brainchild of two adolescent musicians, Amy Lee and Ben Moody, each of them aspiring songwriters. Lee, then 13 years old, was studying piano, while the 14-year-old Moody was learning guitar. Based in a mutual love of music, a friendship flourished freely between the two who became acquainted while at a summer camp. They began musical collaborations almost immediately.

Young Music Lover

Vocalist Lee, an introverted child, had developed a morose temperament after the sudden death of her three-years-younger sister when Lee was only six. This withdrawal was aggravated when her father, a soft-rock disc jockey, moved the family from their native California, relocating to Florida and Illinois before settling in Little Rock, Arkansas, when Lee was in her early teens. She began writing songs and poetry in grade school, and pursued her love of classical music by taking piano lessons in fourth grade with the ambition of performing professionally. With dedication, she continued her piano studies for nine years, through the upheaval of relocation. Likewise she joined school choirs, served as president of the high school chorus, and was a member of the Arkansas State Choir. Although she sang alto as a student, Lee was destined to make her mark professionally with her powerful, falsetto-like soprano, which became the trademark of Evanescence.

Already a loner, Lee became a rebel as a teenager. She adopted a hard-line feminist approach to life and love, and she discarded her affection for pop rock stars like Christina Aguilera. With a sincere admiration for outrageous individualism, Lee acquired a taste for grunge, metal, and mosh pits and adopted such incomparable singers as Bj

by G. Cooksey

Evanescence's Career

Group formed as a duo of Lee and Moody in Little Rock, AK, 1995; signed with Wind-up Records, 2002; extensive touring, 2002-04; major label debut, Fallen, March 2003; world tour, 2003; follow-up Anywhere But Home released, 2004.

Evanescence's Awards

Grammy Awards, Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance, 2003.

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