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Members include Bill Hudson (born William Salerno on October 17, 1949; married Goldie Hawn, 1976; divorced; children: Kate, Oliver), guitar, vocals; Brett Hudson (born Brett Salerno on January 18, 1953), bass, vocals; Mark Hudson (born Mark Salerno on August 23, 1951), keyboards, drums, vocals.

During the late 1970s, the music career of the Hudson Brothers became overshadowed by the comedic television personalities they cultivated on variety shows like The Hudson Brothers Show and the feature length film Hysterical. Often remembered more as actors or producers than a prolific pop group, in their hey day, the Hudson Brothers were crafting some of the finest power pop of the 1970s, right up next to groups like the Bay City Rollers, Bread, the Bee Gees, and the Raspberries.

Brothers Bill, Brett, and Mark Salerno grew up in a music loving family in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. In high school, Bill and Brett played music together, and when middle brother Mark saw the Beatles play in 1965 in their hometown, he realized that wanted to be a part of the action. A foreshadowing conclusion as some 30 years down the line, Mark would produce records with ex-Beatle Ringo Starr. When Mark saw the "Fab Four" (the Beatles) perform, he finally understood the fun his brothers were having in their own band. "It was my lust for loving what they were doing and wanting to be a part of that. I just saw them having so much fun," Mark said in an interview with Mix.

Near the end of their high school years, the brothers had dubbed their band My Sirs. After competing and winning a number of battle of the band contests in the late 1960s, My Sirs were scouted by Chrysler to do a promotional tour on behalf of the automotive company. With their friend Kent Fillmore, the band was asked to rename the group after a Chrysler car model so they called themselves the New Yorkers. The group toured the country for Chrysler promotions and recorded two singles for Scepter Records; the 1967 tracks "When I'm Gone," which was a small regional hit and "Mr. Kirby," which got the band a bit of national attention.

After signing a deal with Decca records and releasing an unsuccessful cover of Harry Nilsson's "I Guess the Lord Must Be In New York City" in 1969 the band moved to New York, but the label soon dropped them and they moved back to Portland a year later. The band began to play shows around town and earned enough money to move out to Los Angeles. During this time they changed the band name from the New Yorkers to Everyday Hudson and then to Hudson. They spent their time in Los Angeles looking for a manager, a record deal and doing some vocal session work (including some with country star Kenny Rogers).

The band officially adopted Hudson as their last names and under the band name Hudson released their self-titled debut full-length record in 1972 for Playboy Records. Two years later, now calling themselves the Hudson Brothers, the band released Hollywood Situation on the Casablanca label. The breezy pop and crunchy rock of Hollywood Situation struck a chord in radio listeners and the melodic "So You Are a Star" reached the top 30 in the United States. Critics applauded the brother's first big outing, but blamed their very un-hip press photos and album cover as a roadblock to what could have been a massive pop smash. In between the glorious pop songs was a track called "The Adventures of Chucky Margolis," a live comedy piece that hinted at their future acting career. They had the songs and the charm to be teen idol sensations, but their image kept them as a underdog pop group, trailing behind other stars of the times.

In the same year as the release of Hollywood Situation, the Hudson Brothers released another record, the time on Elton John's label Rocket Records. Even though Elton John co-writer Bernie Taupin produced the album, Totally Out of Control, none of the songs had the radio potential of a track like "So You Are a Star." Recorded in France and London, rather than Los Angeles, the album was decidedly more British influenced than sunny California, often very Beatles-esque.

While the Hudson Brothers were gifted in making pop masterpieces, their interest in show business was never focused solely on making records. In 1974, the same year they put out two albums, the brothers were the stars of their own very short-lived variety show on CBS aptly titled The Hudson Brother Show. Performing mediocre sketch comedy, the brothers also sang and danced their way through brief show wearing wacky costumes and attempting to act. In an interview with Mix, Mark reflected on the band's choice to become TV stars. "It was the beginning and the ending of the Hudson Brothers," he said. "The TV guys didn't take us as serious comedians, because they thought we were a rock band. And the rock people didn't take us as serious rockers because we were on TV." CBS still liked the trio though and after The Hudson Brothers Show was finished, the group hosted the weekly Saturday morning kids show The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show from September of 1974 until August of 1975.

Luckily, after all that, the band still had one more album in them. The Hudson Brothers' Rocket follow-up, 1976's Ba-Fa might have even been their masterpiece; All Music Guide's Joe Viglione called it a "groundbreaking record." Once again produced by Taupin, this time, the band had another hit on their hands with the happy-go-lucky "Rendezvous," a track co-written by Beach Boys member Bruce Johnston (who also covered the song on his 1977 album Going Public). While "Rendezvous" was a top 30 smash in the summer, it wasn't actually Ba-Fa's brightest moments. The glorious classic pop tracks like "Spinning the Wheel (With the Girl You Love)" and "Oh Gabriel," sounded like hits Bread could have had and should have made the Hudson Brothers mainstream pop stars.

In 1976, Bill Hudson married his girlfriend, actress Goldie Hawn. Though they later divorced, their two children, Kate and Oliver, became prominent Hollywood actors. The Hudson Brothers had never been a big touring band; they were often too busy making records, writing comedy skits, or working with other artists, but in the late seventies, they toured once again as a teen pop attraction before returning to TV. In 1978 the Hudson Brothers found themselves acting more like the comedy troupe the Marx Brothers than a band when they made two dozen episodes of a British-made sketch comedy show called Bonkers.

Music was now a side note to their television careers and the 1978 album The Truth About Us, which was mostly cover songs, was barely noticed. The group kept up their acting and starred in the made-for-TV movie The Millionaire, shot an episode of The Love Boat, and starred in the 1978 flick Zero to Sixty. Before they totally called it quits in music, they put out another album, Damn Those Kids, in 1980. But it was clear that their music had been left behind.

Before officially disbanding in 1982, the Hudson Brothers acted in the 1983-released film Hysterical, a three-Stooges like comedy co-written by Bill. In the nineties, long after their career as a pop group was nothing but a memory and a glitch on dedicated pop aficionados minds, Bill, Mark and Brett found more prominent and actually successful roles in the entertainment industry. After divorcing Goldie Hawn, Bill married Laverne & Shirley actress Cindy Williams and the couple owned a successful production company until their divorce in 2000. Mark became a sought-after music produce and songwriter. He wrote songs for Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper in the 1990s, and in 1994 earned a Grammy nomination for co-writing Aerosmith's "Livin' on the Edge." As well as being a Hollywood Records exec, Mark also worked with Ringo Starr and another group of three brothers, Hanson. Brett kept a smaller profile while he wrote and produced television projects and continued to provide backup vocals for friends like Alice Cooper and Ringo Starr.

In 1995, Varese Records released the Hudson Brothers greatest hits record So You Are a Star. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark reflected on the semi underground status of the Hudson Brothers' career; "When people remember us, they can't quite figure out what we did, but they know that whatever we did, they liked."

by Shannon McCarthy

The Hudson Brothers's Career

Group formed in Portland, OR, by brothers Bill, Brett and Mark Salerno, c. 1965; began as My Sirs and The New Yorkers before changing name to Hudson and then the Hudson Brothers; released debut full-length album Hudson on Playboy Records, 1972; signed with Elton John's label Rocket Records, 1974 and released Totally Out of Control, 1974; starred in TV variety show The Hudson Brothers Show, 1974; hosted children's TV show The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show, 1974-1975; released album Ba-Fa, 1976; disbanded, 1980.

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over 13 years ago

I remember the Hudson Brothers from when I was young. I remember hearing "So You Are A Star" on the radio and fell in love with it. Even now it's just a great catch tune, easily fallen in love with :) Thanks Mark, Bill, Bret you've always been a great influence in my life musically

over 14 years ago

The Hudson Brothers were great music and television talent, They represent a time when things were more simple, and I am glad that I got to witness them at 11 years old so that I could be a fan my whole life.

over 14 years ago

Happy to help out Tom!! Hope you are able to get your hands on a copy of the album!

almost 15 years ago

Teresa: Thank you very much for the help. Yeah, that sounds like the song. Local stations in my hometown played it in the spring of 1975...and I do remember it as a catchy tune. Thanks again...and thanks to Monica for reminding me to look !

almost 15 years ago

Dear Doug... I think the REAL reason you wrote what you wrote is because your JEALOUS of THEM in EVERY sense of the word! A fan since the Summer of '74... :p!!! P.S. - Tom, check your email...

almost 15 years ago

Dear Doug... I think the REAL reason you wrote what you wrote is because your JEALOUS of THEM in EVERY sense of the word! A fan since the Summer of '74... :p!!! P.S. - Tom, check your email...

almost 16 years ago

doug you're opinion is you're opinion and well frankly- ITS CRAP The Hudsons have done more with their lives and in their lives than you could ever hope to accomplish And lets get serious for a moment- Doug- there is one thing sadly missing from your life and its called TASTE. You really should consider getting your ears checked and while youre at it -get a freaking life

about 15 years ago

Hi Doug, I was sent to this website by a good online friend of mine and I thank God she did. I don't mean to sound like I'm jumping on the bandwagon here but it seems to me like you just have a gripe with guys that a) You've NEVER MET b) COULD NEVER COMPETE WITH and C) Really don't the rue facts about them personally or professinaly to back up your opinion of them. I have been a fan of theirs since I was 11 YEARS OLD. Unlike the teeny bopper stars of today who are unreachable, I was VERY lucky enough to get to see them perform live, then meet them & then get to know them as I grew up...to this day I find them to be VERY TALENTED musicians & charismatic men who are STILL VERY down to earth, funny, intellligent & aren't hung up on themselves! The "talent" of today (and I use that term loosley) can learn from them! Have you ever bothered to listen to ANY of their allbums in length? ANd I mean by yourself, clear headed, without any outside influences? Come to think of it, have you ever even met any of them..IN PERSON? If you had done any of these things, I REALLY DOUBT you would write such a stupid, mean spirited review! This is why critics aren't liked by anyone. Frankly I don't think you thought with the right HEAD when you wrote this! But it's your loss now I guess.

about 15 years ago

Hi Tom, The song you are referring to is "Lover Come Back To Me." It is on the album Totally Out of Control which was recorded in 1973 but not released until the following year. Copies of this album occasionally pop up on ebay so you might want to keep an eye out there if you are interested. Its a terrific album!! Good luck!! Teresa

about 15 years ago

HELP ! I'm trying to track down a song that I THINK is a Hudson Brothers song...from about 1975...lyrics include these lyric fragments:"if you say lover come back to me" and "I'll probably die alone". Does anyone know a Hudson Brothers song that sounds like this, and if so, what is the song, and what album ??? Thanks !

about 15 years ago

Sorry Doug, I have to disagree with you too. The Hudson Brothers are right up there with the Beatles. They are a living legend. Their music was fantastic and their showmanship equally as brilliant. Its been a long, long time since I have seen so much talent. Songs, concerts, movies, not to mention the writing and documentaries. I would love to see you even try to compete with them. It will never happen and millions of fans can't be wrong. Thats what they have, MILLIONS OF FANS! Go to their Myspace or Facebook pages. The girls are still crazy about all of them. You really shouldn't write about something that you obviously know nothing about.

over 15 years ago

Sorry to do the "and another thing", well, thing, but ... And another thing! My previous comment should not be taken to mean that I don't have my share of head-banging music in my very diverse collection. I listen to what I personally consider good music. This includes everything from Dvorak to Scott Joplin; from Peter, Paul and Mary to The Talking Heads; from original Genesis (you know, Peter Gabriel 'n all that) to, well, Bread and yeah - The Hudson Brothers. To me, music is good if it's original, clever, and makes you feel good. Whether your current "good" is accompanied by crazed dancing or closed-eye reflection. The Hudson Brothers will always have a place of honour in my collection.

over 15 years ago

Actually Doug is doubly misinformed. I'm not quite sure how Bread (who never performed a cover song in their entire career to the best of my knowledge) ended up on Doug's loser list. I do know that 30-some years later I can still hear "Song for Stephanie" or "Bernie Was a Friend of Ours" and be in Seventh Heaven. Possibly Doug prefers head-banging, no-talent, one-hit-wonder drivel. The head-banging part would certainly explain his confusion anyway.

over 15 years ago

Wow Doug, doubled up on the negative pills this morning eh? You are not only uniformed you are vastly out numbered. I won't even go in the countless reasons why you are wrong. Any one of the brothers has more talent in their toe than you could ever hope to muster. My friend Brett summed it up quite well, I will leave it at that. Please stick to TMZ with the rest of the mindless haters. Brett - Love you my friend, peace.

over 15 years ago

Wow Doug, doubled up on the negative pills this morning eh? Trust me, you are not only uninformed you are out-numbered. I won't even go into the countless reasons you are wrong...my friend Brett summed it up pretty well. Probably a good idea for you to just stick to TMZ from now on, they love mindless haters over there...

over 15 years ago

Uhhhh....Doug? Have you ever really listened to any of the Hudson Brothers music? Really take the time and listen and you'll understand why they still have so many fans today. And after the "pop star" era was over all 3 continued on with very successful careers in show business. And I dare anyone not to love their version of "Abba Dabba Honeymoon"! I cannot wait for my DVD of the Hudson Brothers live show. And for Brett's documentary. And Bill's new CD. And anything Mark does, too. Keep it coming, boys!!

over 15 years ago

Dear Doug, Just out of curiosity, I have a couple of questions. Have you sold over ten million records? Have you ever had your own prime time network series. Have you ever toured to sold out venues? I've been in show business for 45 years and still make a very, very good living at it. (go to www.theseventhpythonmovie.com that's my new documentary film that just won the Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas International film festival, then heading to the Chicago International film festival and then to Perth Australia for the Perth International film festival also go to www.theklinikmovie.com I'm filming that documentary as we speak. Also go to www.americandunkelman.com) I only have one more question... What have you ever done?...I already know the answer. Enjoy your safe, minimum wage life,

over 15 years ago

"...the Hudson Brothers were crafting some of the finest power pop of the 1970s, right up next to groups like the Bay City Rollers, Bread, the Bee Gees, and the Raspberries." Who wrote this - their mother? Be serious - the Hudson Brothers were crap. They weren't the least bit funny and their music was rubbish. But good luck to them.